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The foundation and evolution of „Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University is one of the most relevant proofs of the efficiency of private endeavour, even in a conservative domain as that of higher education.

About the Faculty of Law Cluj-Napoca

  The faculty provides a high quality education system designed according to Bologna system, on two successive levels:

  • Level I: BACHELOR’S DEGREE studies, accredited, lasting four years, full-time studies and part-time studies, specialization Law.
  • Level II: MASTER studies, accredited, lasting for three semesters, at Business Law and Criminal Sciences and Forensics.

Career Opportunities

Our Bachelor’s degree and Master diplomas are equivalent to those of any public or private, Romanian or European educational institution.
The curricula include fundamental, specialized and complementary legal courses, aimed to develop a complete and complex personality according to the demands of the Romanian and European legal system.

After having fulfilled the studies in our faculty and having got a diploma in law studies, you may get the following functions and jobs: magistrates (lawyers and prosecutors) after graduating the National Institute of Magistracy; bailiffs; auxiliary in magistracy (legal assistants, clerks, secretaries for courts of justice or prosecuting councils); lawyers and/ or their secretaries within civil-law societies or individual law offices; public notaries or their secretaries; legal advisers in trading companies, national companies, government corporations, public officers in central and local public administration; recorder of property clerks and leaders of land register, any kind of activity within public authorities demanding legal training or higher education; diplomats, journalists, experts for governmental or non-governmental institutions; any other job requiring legal training.
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