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EFFICIENCY OF LEGAL NORMS. 4th Edition. Perpectives on the Interpretation and Enforcement of the Law
June 4th – 6th 2015, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


        The fourth edition of the international conference “Efficiency of legal norms” dedicated to the challenges of the current decade, through the interventions of the key-note speakers, brought to the attention of the participants a new problem: the interpretation and enforcement of law. Developing social phenomena and activities require legal norms throughout the world. Data protection, international trade, environment problems and international military conflicts, as well as family relations, property, or fundamental human rights are regulated at different levels. National legislations have to respect international conventions and European Union regulations, and the international courts, such as ECHR and EC,J contribute to their interpretation.
        But the effort for interpretation and enforcing of legal norms is not limited to international or national courts, the public administration and nongovernmental organization, as well as academics, researchers and law professionals are also contributing to the same goal. Resolution A/HRC/27/L25 of the General Assembly of UNO, adopted at the 23rd session held at 23rd September 2014 pointed out the importance of the national organisations for human rights in preventing and solving breaches of the human rights, as part of the cooperation between governments ant the UN regarding the promotion and protection, as well as the survey of implementation of the international mechanisms, for human rights of human rights. The Romanian Institute for Human Rights, a partner in organizing all the editions of our conference, proved to have an outstanding activity in this respect, as it was emphasized by the Director of FRA in the opening of the conference about “The EU Charter on Fundamental Rights: assessing and responding to the training needs of legal practitioners and public officials”, held at the December 18th 2014, in Brussels.
        As the interpretation and enforcing of legal norms give life to their legal effects, we decided for this topic at the 4th edition of the conference.